Moving Drainage

The Problem

In July 2017 CC Building & Maintenance engaged a new project in the Seacroft area of Leeds.
The project was to build a wraparound extension and incorporate a new bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and utility room.
Whilst excavating the footing detail for this project we came across 2 manhole chambers that encroached into the new build. 

The Course of Action
After consulting with the local Building Inspector it was decided to move the two chambers out side of the footprint of the building.
Further excavation was needed and two new manhole chambers were installed.
The existing clay pipes were cut back and using the appropriate adaptors the drainage was extended using PVC pipe.
Two new Manhole Chambers were installed with the relevant risers to bring the top of the chamber to the finished ground level.
Once the pipes were installed they were then covered with small Pea Gravel for protection.
Once the pipes were moved tested and protected the footing work could continue.
Due to the size of the excavation, the remaining footing detail needed to be shuttered around the area of the existing manhole position to allow for the strip footing to be cast in concrete.
Once the concrete was installed the rest of the footing work could continue, using the appropriate lintels to span over the drainage, not putting any pressure on the new pipes.0b7fe6c6-0e95-4679-a84a-4cdbbd58f323jpg